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I use the double shepard hooks in a couple of different places in my yard.  I hang the feeder on one half and a hanging plant on the other side.  Fun watching them go between the two.  Also, I mark the date on the calendar each year to set out my feeder.  I always put the feeders out the third week of March and have a bird within 10 days.  I swear he is the scout.  A few days later I will see another and then there is no activity for a week or two until they all arrive.  Love nature!

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I was standing outside, and a hummingbird flew up to where I usually have one of my feeders!  I'm so glad I saw it.  I hurried inside and made the nectar, and when it reaches room temperature will put my feeders out.  I love to watch them, and so does Henry, my cat, from the safety of my screened in porch.


I saw 2 the other day..they are the sweetest!!!!! Love this pic!!!!! xxx




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@NickNack,Love your photo! Adorable cat and beautiful hummingbird