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@SeaMaiden wrote:

That (1) post poster again.....🙄

@SeaMaiden  Always. I just don't get it. 

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Re: Horrible service

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The poster has a legitimate complaint and has the full opportunity to express their feelings.  I welcome all new posters as an antidote to those who always attempt to suppress the Number 1s, using that as a barrier to entry.


A hearty welcome! to all Number 1s.  Don't let self appointed Poster Police block your commentary,  so long as it is within Forum guidelines. 

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we all were first time posters at one point,

OP has a legitimate complaint, and coming here is the place to do so


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While op has the right to complain, the way she worded her post was rather rude and lacking details other stating it was most appalling    "when I asked reps if they ever placed orders to ship to somewhere else as a gift, and they all said "No".  Why is that appalling?  She doesn't say whether she tracked it or not.  If she was able to cancel it per a CS rep then obviously not shipped.  Four days is not an emergency and long enough time to wait!  These are difficult times for shippers so understanding and patience should be had.  

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@Susan Louise wrote:

@Anonymous032819 wrote:

@SeaMaiden wrote:

That (1) post poster again.....🙄














Straight out of the playbook.



Step 1: Be a "first time poster"


Step 2: Create a story where QVC is the evil bad guy


Step 3: Disappear and never to be heard from again.







Or post again with that acct when you are bored and want to stir the pot...

How many posts does one have to have to post a complaint on the forum board?  Not all QVC customers post here and a regular basis.

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send an email to  They respond qu...

@godfreysdad     send an email to  They respond quickly and usually are able to solve your problems.