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@ScrapHappy  There's not enough info in your post. Is the book part of a Tutoring program for the SAT?

Can you ask someone connected to the class's company about the book?




Yes.  It's a book from the company doing the tutoring.  I plan on asking but pretty sure they'll same something that it's up to date.

YOU plan to ask?  How about you let HER ask.  You need to step away a little and let her handle things on her own.


What are you going to do once she goes to college and you're told that even if she's still not 18 and you may be the one  paying the tuition her grades are none of your business?

My daughter has stress/anxiety issues which she started seeing a counselor for a couple of months ago.  I always ask her if she thinks she can handle something on her own first.  She usually needs some help.  We have been working on this for a very long time so that when she goes to college she's better prepared.