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Re: Help....renting a car for the first time and need advice, please!

I rent about once a month for a week from Enterprise but lately have I gotten a few surprises!


on my most recent rental (10 days)


1. I always used my Debit card but never had them HOLD $500 or more during the rental.  Therefore, I opted to use my credit card and that had a $500 hold on it.


2. I had email for "free" upgrade -- showed the email that was fine BUT no one told me it was good for only certain time period.   I paid $42.78/day vs $21.99/day for the upgrade days!


imagine my surprise when I returned the car and was paying the bill it was over $450!!!


3. I carry my own car insurance policy which covers car rental. They needed a copy of the declaration page -- who carries this? I had to call my ins company and have a copy sent OR they were going to charge $11.77/day for THEIR insurance!!!!


4. From my experience it's better to pay the weekly rental rate vs. daily rental rate.  


There a re good sites:,, 

who can compare best rate for you.


 Be careful of these so called CS reps.  I always book online so I can have a printed copy of my reservation.  I am presently penning a letter to President of Frontier Airlines as I PAID for my luggage ($35) but when got to airport although showed on my reservation copy didn't SHOW in their system so I had to pay $40 at ticket counter. (frontier is the worse CS and airline but convenient to my area I travel).


One other thing to consider when renting - security fees up to $100, local rental tax rates and if you don't return to same location $50-75 fee and other hidden fees!


Good Luck I'm leaving Friday f next week and so glad this time I'm saving $$$$ no car rental fees or hassle!!!