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Help Please, Any Lawyers Out Here? / Animal law

Hi, I have a serious situation going on and have been trying to figure out how to handle it. I had a dog for three years. We loved him. We also had a little dog before I got him that he played rough with and she got timid from it.

We tried to work it out and he stopped bothering her for the most part but he was a lot to handle. However, he was a great dog and we did love him and play with him etc. I felt he would do better in a home where the people would be more active and I wanted the best for him. After three years I decided that I'd try to find him a forever home. But only a home where the new owner would be willing to give me updates on him, that I could talk to them about him, see where he would be living and pictures. I had to know this in order to go through with it.

The breeder I got him from promised me she would get him a good home and she said many times that she knew how much I loved him and that she would give me the information I needed. She would let me talk to the person adopting and so on. I can't go on as much as I'd like here because it be too long.

Well, after she swore that I'd get the things I needed to get closure and be able to deal with the loss of my dog, my husband drove three hours to meet up with her. She then took the dog into her truck and went to her house/kennel.

I'll try to shorten this. Bottom line is she did Not let me know where he is! She just said he is with a couple. That he is good. That they will treat him well. She sent a few e mails about him. Very short and not much info.

A major thing for me was to Not give my dog to a rescue. Reason being that they will not give you the state the dog is in and other info. I talked to some before this happened and couldn't do that. So I believed the breeder. In one of the last e mails she said "Rescues don't give out that information" when I asked her what state he is in!!! What the heck, I did not give my dog to her to have her put him in a rescue. They won't tell me anything like I was afraid of before. Her first few e mails never mentioned a rescue. But the last one she wrote was two lines and just said "sorry you are having a tough time" and slipped with that rescue remark. Now I don't know where my dog went. Is he with good people? Does he have a big yard? Is he treated right? All the things I was searching for and then she said that she will give me that when she finds the new people. But she turned around and gave him to a rescue and the people will not get in touch with me!!

I would not bother them. I just have to know my dog is happy and doing o.k,. I want to know where he is living. I purposely chose this woman bvecause she said she would honor my wishes. Now we have been betrayed by her. She doesn't care about my being upset and having no closure. I felt sick when I read this and have been trying to figure out if getting an attorney to help me locate the dog is possible. All I want to know is how he is. To see him or get pictures and talk on the phone with these people so I can get a feeling of what they are like. I told her no rescue.

Can someone out here tell me if there is any way a lawyer will help me because the dog was given to a place I did not want him to go to?? Please? BTW- I gave him to her on October 3, 2010.