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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

Regarding the notion of the soul as it came up in some of the posts, I do believe that we all have one. To me, it is our identity, our outlook, how we view the world and other people. It is intangible and, for me, is a synonym for our character.

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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

Blackhole, it is comforting to know that we have a connection with our deceased loved ones.  There is so much we have yet to discover about life and death.  My faith continues to sustain me as I have experenced many unexplainable events in my life.

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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

I did look at the Snopes link, @suzyQ3 which is why I wrote what I did.


I don't believe that what I wrote about something perhaps being true because it has not been disproven is a logical fallacy.

Can you explain further? Perhaps I'm missing something.


So if something that came to be a logical fallacy ended up as a "doozy," then wouldn't that mean it HAD been proven since it did end up as a doozy?


I'm still speaking of may and perhaps, not anything that has yet been proven or disproven.  And why cannot we say that anything might be true if it's not disproven?  How can something be a "doozy" unless and until it is actually proven one way or another?  Again, what am I missing?


I think perhaps you are trying to say I'm using the "burden of proof" logical fallacy.  But that's not what I'm saying. I'm not saying something is automatically true because there is no evidence against it.  I'm only saying it might be true, not that it is true.


I found an interesting discussion HERE at #11.  There are other sites, of course.  

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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

I don't know if this would constitute paranormal activity but way back in the late '70s my husband and I had taken a road trip to Wyoming.   We were on a deserted highway heading towards Cheyenne where we intended to spend the night.  It was probably around 9:00 or 10:00 PM.  


The stretch of highway between Nebraska and Wyoming is pretty desolate.   My husband was driving and I was half nodding off.  He suddenly made the comment of what the heck is that driver doing.  I turned around and I saw just one headlight coming up behind us at a rapid speed.    I assumed it was a motorcycle but we had the windows down and I couldn't hear any sound at all.    Just as this vehicle got very close to us the headlight completely disappeared.  


At that point, we assumed the driver just turned off somewhere although there wasn't any houses or businesses to turn into.   A few minutes later the same thing happened. The light once again appeared without any sound coming from it.   It came almost up to our rear bumper and then disappeared again.


By then, my husband was becoming really irritated because he thought someone was playing games with us.    I was becoming frightened and told my husband to just pull over to the shoulder and let them pass us.   Nobody ever passed by us and there were no other cars on the road.   We sat there for a few minutes and then pulled out onto the road and the headlight appeared one more time.  It approached then disappeared and we never saw it again.   Whatever it was, the moment was over. 


Needless to say, the experience was upsetting but we just continued on to Cheyenne and finished out the rest of our vacation without giving the ordeal too much more thought.


We returned home and a few months late I was watching the Phil Donahue Show where he was discussing unusual occurrences that people experienced.  


To my complete amazement, he had a couple on his show who described the same chain of events that we had.  They were also heading into Wyoming on the same highway.    Whether or not there is any validity to their belief what they felt was this was a ghostly spirit reliving an accident that took his or her life.  


Whatever this was we will never know.  I'm not sure I agree with their theory because I don't believe in ghosts.    I do know whatever we witnessed that night was not normal and easily explained.  


Unfortunately, at this time VCR's were not in existence so I could not tape the show for anyone else to see.   I did immediately phone my husband at work to tell him about the show.


This was many years ago and I've told this story to a few people throughout the years and each time I received a different opinion as to what they believed we saw that night.   


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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

[ Edited ]

I have never experienced anything of the paranormal, but have had very strong negative reactions to some people, places, and things without apparent reason.  I always remove myself from them quickly.  Some have borne out in ways neither I, nor anyone else known to me, could explain.


Anything of spirits, ghosts, or that ilk would scare the beejeezus out of me!  But, I know we don’t know every single thing that can  occur, many things are not part of our current understanding. I do not rule out the possibility that one may experience something which can not be explained.


While this is dissimilar, being medical, twice I have had medical issues which at the time were diagnosed by distinguished physicians as not possible, or psychosomatic.  Years later at different times in my life the exact issues  that  I experienced were  found to have diagnostic tests, blood markers, NAMES, suddenly they were real!  Whooo Ahhhh!  I was no longer crazy!


These diseases were ALWAYS real, we had simply not discovered them, our knowledge was not sufficient, but they existed right along without our knowledge, approval, or understanding.


I am in no way special or unique, if this happened to me, I believe others may surely  experience things which have no known facts behind them. Medical science along with many other sciences are growing daily.  As our knowledge increases the inexplicable becomes obvious.  


So, I use caution about discounting that which can not be proven by our current understanding, but rather think perhaps we have simply not advanced enough to understand them yet.


*** Edited for clarity

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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

Yes, but have only shared them with one other person who has also experienced them.


In her enthusiasm to tell others, she received a lot of negativity in response...naysayers who never experienced anything themselves...telling her she was crazy, hallucinating, trying to explain away what she saw, and science can't prove it.  


Similar to my sister seeing a UFO hovering over her car.   Despite being able to describe it in detail, few believe her.  I do.  







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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

     When I was 35 or 36, I had a disturbing dream about my Italian grandmother who had died about 10 years prior.   I bumped into her cart at pathmark and looked at her intently.  She appeared to be about my age at that time .  She was very agitated and started yelling at me in Italian. I don’t understand Italian, but I knew she was trying to tell me something.  In her life, we only spoke English.


     When I was 37, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had the surgery,  and it was stage 1, but I was warned to be diligent about follow up because recurrence was always a possibility.


     Fast forward a year and I had another dream.  I saw my young grandma again in Pathmark, holding her cart,  but this time there were no words spoken.   She just stared at me with a warm beaming smile.  I immediately woke up and felt her presence and remembered the first dream  as well. 


     And I knew.  She was trying to warn me about the cancer in the first dream.  And the smile meant the cancer was totally gone.  I’ve been cancer free for 18 and a half years.  And I never dreamed about my grandma since.




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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

@Stellabystarlight wrote:

My mother and I were very close.  She was dying of lung cancer.  One day we had a deep discussion of how we would communicate when she was gone.  I said, "Mom, let us communicate with red roses,"  They are my favorites and my mother's too. " If I see red roses on the street or in the dead of winter, I told her, I know it will be you."


Maybe a year after her death, I was at my desk at work.  Suddenly, I felt - no I knew, that I would find a single  long-stemmed red rose on my way home. 


It was the dead of winter in New York.  I made my way home leaving the train station and walking to my house.  I knew that I would find my rose.  As I turned a corner, suddenly, on the sidewalk in front of me there was a long-stemmed red rose.  I picked it up and carried it lovingly in my arms as I knew my mother had placed it there.  I passed by a group of teenage boys and one of them said to me, "Somebody sure loves you." And I said, "Yes, somebody does." 

@Stellabystarlight @Your post brought tears to my eyes. My mother and I loved dandelions....she said when I was just a little girl, I would always bring her a bouquet of dandelions and they meant more to her than any gift in the world. She called me her “little dandelion picker”. When she was dying, and I was sitting on her bed holding her hand, she told me that I would know she was with me when I would see a dandelion where I would least expect to see one. Shortly after she passed, and I returned to work, I was missing her so much....and as I turned the corner and entered the area where we had greeting cards, there in front was a beautiful card with a dandelion on the front and it said....”I’m always with you my darling daughter”. I literally broke down in tears...she let me know she was with me. I’ve had many “dandelion moments” since she passed 7 years ago. I treasure each one.❤️❤️

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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

Thank you for your experience, Grandmapetes!  Our dear loved ones can break any barrier to reach us and console us in our hour of need or just because!  Love is forever!

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Re: Have You Ever Experienced Paranormal Activity?

Yup, my brother would appear to me twice within a year of his death and nothing since. Remember, my mom always told me that if you dream of the dead, they are asking for your prayers. 

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