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Ugh!  First day of Spring and my older brother's birthday (78)!


Here in Northern Va it's sleeting and sticking on tables, etc.


I'm sooooo ready for warmer weather!  I hate dark days.  Love sunny days.  


I was supposed to go out to lunch and spend day with my teenage granddaughter.  But that's not happening.  


Please someone find Spring and tell them to get to Northern Va...we need her or him immediately.

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It is bright and sunny here in Southern NY, however it is so cold that it sure doesn't feel like spring. I think I say this every year, sigh. 😕

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No spring here in north eastern Pa. We're to start getting snow late tonight and up to 8" by the end tomorrow evening, depending what weather channel you check out. As usual, none of them agree. A "Happy Birthday" to your brother. 

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@Annabellethecat66 The last I heard it was in the Seattle WA area. It’s headed your way. Should be in OK tomorrow so keep looking.💐🌷🍀🌸🌼🌻

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Spring forgot us here in New York too----we live 100 miles north of Manhattan-----snow storm predicted to arrive later tonight and all day tomorrow. They are saying we will get 6-12 inches--and possibly more!! So tired of these big storms!!! Can't wait to see the first tulip of the season!!!!!!!

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@Annabellethecat66    I so agree with you!  We need spring and warm weather here in New Jersey too!  I live near the beach and love sunny days and hot weather. Hang in there my friend because Spring is on its way, it just had to take a little detour. 

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Re: Has Anyone Seen Spring?

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Yep spring has sprung here...we've been experiencing spring like weather for awhile here in South Texas.....The sun is shining, the birds are singing....I spotted a hummingbird this morning...The high is supposed to 76 Woman Very Happy


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Now where my brother lives in the northeast---the snow is knee deep ---no spring where he is anytime soon.........

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@OKPrincess Well....I don't think it's arriving tomorrow as I heard on the weather channel it's been stalled in Denver (was 70 there the other day).


Here in Northern Va we're expecting snow .....yepper...yet another "Noreaster" so they say.  Depending on which channel 1 to 3 inches is the most popular guess.


Well as most of you hard working people know in other states here in the Va/DC/Md area if the winds blow or we get one snow flake the entire government shuts down.  Yes!  That's your tax money people.


Myself and all of my friends used to work for the government (DC/Pentagon/Maryland) and way back we never got off due to weather.  These days they get off if the wind is blowing hard.


Not blaming the workers.  Don't know who's to blame just saying to many of you in other parts, try telling your bosses you won't be in because I might be expecting 1 to 3 inches ....just my back yard...


We all know to stay away from the stores and roads because they're so crowded with school kids and adults shopping we can't get anywhere.  Think I'm exaggerating....not at all.




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I'm in VA too.  Spring is in hiding.  We're expecting snow either tonight or tomorrow.  Mother Nature is definitely doing her own thing,  Should an APB be put out for her???  Smiley Happy