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Leah posted a fantastic video done by Pat on her 60th Burthday.  I saw it on FB


Pat speaks of the ups and downs of her life, in a heartfelt and moving way.


It truly spoke to me as a woman, and havent we all seen the roller coaster of life?


She is a warm and classy lady.



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I saw the video. She's honest & real.I loved it. A reminder that those who appear to have it all don't always. They struggle just like the rest of us.

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@ProudMa  Thanks for posting this.  I am not on Facebook but went to Leah's to view the video that Pat did.    It brought me to tears as I can relate, I'm turning 60 on Nov 7th and it is funny how you just stop and evaluate everything that has happened in your life.


Though I am a happy person and have been very blessed over the years, I think there is always that story of heartbreak and losses we all have endured.  She's a class act and it was nicely done. 

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Thank you for drawing attention to that video that Leah posted, @ProudMa .


Pat has always seemed like such a sterling, transparent and "evolved" person, and that video underscores that.  How proud she must be of her daughter, too.


Pat is a sweetheart!