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@judaline wrote:

My Elvis was the '68 comeback, Elvis. Black leather jacket, sideburns, soooo good looking, and that voice. He came back, big time, just like I knew he would. I didn't know the white jumpsuit Elvis, I'm from another era. But the voice! The voice was still there. Learned to love this Elvis, too.


There's a song, 'when I said I needed you' which was seldom heard. Omgosh I love that song. I actually broke down and bought the '45 record, when all I usually bought were the albums.




I just love that song too!  Thanks for reminding me of it.  There will never be another Elvis - he truly is The King!

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Pok Salad Annie 

How Great Thou Art

Fools Rush In

Love Me Tender



One of a kind, he was.