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I checked the call log for my land line phone, and I got 18 calls from Cooperstown NY. in one day. Do you think they want me for the Hall Of Fame  LOL ???

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Smiley Happy

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That's you remember the name of the team you played on?!

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Did you just play in indoor stadiums? Cat LOL

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Has Pete Rose been staying with you?

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WOW!  Kitty, you got me beat!  I get an average of robo calls about 4, 5 or so per DAY!


Never got one from there.  I've even gotten them when it says my own freaking phone number on the caller ID.


They must be asking for money!  Tell them you'll autograph anything they have ...... for a price!  Ha!

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Just this morning (before robocall "hours") I got my first call from the "microsoft man" needing to get on my computer.....................

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I'm thinking maybe I need to hire a booking agent, I keep getting robo calls from Hollywood !

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Funny  - I got a call coming through right now -  my phone is ringing from someone in NYC!!!   Thank goodnes for caller ID - I never answer the phone from a number I don't recognize!!!  Just like I never open an email with an address I don't recognize. 

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Maybe I am not getting those calls because I am already in my city's Hockey Hall of Fame.  Yea!