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For about the last week, HSN's website is looking a lot different/strange?   Everything on the home page is LARGE.  The search is different, etc.  I was looking for an item and just gave up.  I really did not like it.


Is there something wrong with my computer or did HSN change their site recently???

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Re: HSN's Website - New Look???

Yes, photos and fonts appear larger than previously. I don't think it's our computers. 

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Re: HSN's Website - New Look???

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Could be because they are doing something special for April. Hope so.


This month we are celebrating you!!

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Re: HSN's Website - New Look???

YAY  !!

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Re: HSN's Website - New Look???

YES!I thought it was my chrombook doing it.I have spent a couple hrs off in on looking and trying to go back to original setup including calling cs and she said nothing has changed for her and she couldn't do anything.....I clicked on a email HSN sent and it took me to there website and quickly said we are redirecting you to desktop version?They need to change this or they will loose business.....Im not buying now because its to much trouble.....HUGE and not user friendly!