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I brought a pair of Tony Little slippers, but the size was too big that I ordered. I called CS at HSN and told them I needed to exchange, but sometime when I do this at the Q, they run out of the item before the exchange, so most of the time, I send back without exchanging and reorder item. Well, HSN CS said, you send back and I will reorder the size you need right now. She did and no charge. The Q will not reorder until they receive the item. They can see what a long time good customer I have been. Kodos to HSN, they will be receiving more business from me than the Q. I have only brought a hand full of items from them and have been with the Q almost 20 years. They do not give the same service since they have gotten so big. I sent the shoes back right away and within a day of calling they sent out the size I needed and I received them today. They have not received my return yet, but they trusted me. By the way, the incorrect size was not their fault, but mine.

I hope you read this, QVC.