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Re: HSN coupon code problem to watch out for!

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This also happened during HSN's last free shipping event. When I placed my order and applied the discount code the total was correct. However, when I submitted my order, I realized the total amount via the email confirmation was correct but the total on the website was not. Apparently, the discount on the website was not applied that the total was more. I just decided not spend time on the phone and canceled the order.



ITA with you about cancelling your order so your not on the phone dealing with it.

I'm doing the same with the new credit card from HSN since they went from Comenity Bank to Synchrony Bank. It has been nothing but a hassle for me to get it activated so I figured they can put it where the sun don't shine. LOL!!! I'm not wasting my time dealing with it. I was suppose to be able to login to my account to activate it on HSN but it says my username & password are not correct? Yes they are??? My phone number on my account is my home phone instead of my cell phone so they cannot send me a code by text so they sent me one by mail. When I called the number to use that code to get it activated I got disconnected. I thought enough of this BS.

@Nightowlz, I may be completely misunderstanding here but I have a ShopHQ card which is also through Synchrony.


Although I log in to my Synchrony account to pay my bill from the ShopHQ website, my username/password is different to get into my Synchrony account than to log into my ShopHQ account.  


Are you trying to use the same username/password for both and you maybe you need to set up a different one for Synchrony? 



HSN switched theirs over to Synchrony.   

I know my username & password is different at HSN & Synchrony to login.

I never had one for Synchrony I had one for Comenity Bank. There was no option to set one up for Synchrony. 

I don't know what the big deal is but I'm not wasting my time on the phone trying to figure it out.

I need a mailing address so I can tell them to close the account since I cannot activate it. I don't know where I will get that because I'm not calling them. Guess they will close it if it's not used.