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@annabellethecat wrote:

An example of hat would be Lena is known for her Saturday morning shows.

Lena was known for scrapbooking shows. Must not have helped sales as both are gone now.

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I believe that she was laid off along with many others in July, not fired.  They are not the same and it disparages her to conflate the two terms.


Qurate took a severance related charge of about $17 million in its third quarter to account for benefits and severance payments to 450 former employees which would, I believe,  include Antonella and 3 other former hosts.

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@Anonymous032819 wrote:

@chuppa wrote:

Still missing Antonella,

Please bring her back.

So much fun, better than

a lot of the new hosts.

Just sayin.










She is NOT coming back!!!!



She is on a boat sailing to parts unknown.




Does that sound like she's coming back to you?



She's gone!












If you want to see her, she has videos on YouTube.



I suggest that you get your fix there.


@Anonymous032819   Could you please tell us how you really feel?   LOL

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Never watched her.

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While we're on the subject, LR is never coming back either. When DH fires someone, the alarm codes on the office doors are changed. Bye Bye.  

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If I was Antonella, I wouldn't go back even if they offered more money.  There are only so many times big business can scr** someone before they should learn the lesson.

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@annabellethecat   Do you mean Leah is known fo the Saturday morning shows? 

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@rockygems123 wrote:

@Kachina624 wrote:

@rockygems123.  If I recall, she has posted before and perhaps the post was removed.  Name and subject very familiar.

@Kachina624  That's interesting, amazes me there is so much persistence on this subject. 

Uh, yeah, yet ANOTHER  "bring back Antonella" thread.  Looks like a troll stirring the pot to me.

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Seriously, how long do we have to ride on the Antonella train?????

I'll be jumping off now......

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Why take the time to respond to a post in a really rude way? OP is entitled to post as we all are.  Much easier and kinder to pass on by rather than trash any poster. Ignoring is the best way to handle IMHO