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Grove collaborative

I received a card in the mail,offering a free set of meyers products free,also free shipping,.any one bought from them?

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Re: Grove collaborative

I took advantage of that, however, the free shipping entails a charge after about 90 days. So read the fine print. Also, they sent a 2nd order the 2nd month and I had to call to get it cancelled. So they sell good products at a good price, just check on the VIP shipping.

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Re: Grove collaborative

I have a Grove membership and I also received the free shipping.  With Grove, you order items once a month.  After your first two orders, if you keep the membership,  you'll pay a yearly shipping fee of $19.95, and that covers free shipping for the rest of the year.   Your shipping date every month will be the same as the date when you place your first order, for example, if you order today, then on March 2, April 2, May 2, your orders will automatically ship (you can chance your ship dates any time).  The thing to keep in mind is, you have to have a minumim $15 order eacy month ( isn't hard though), and, you have to remember to look in your cart before your orders ship.  You will get a reminder email right before your monthly order ships, however.....Grove will often make item "suggestions" and place them in your cart, so you HAVE to remember to look in your cart before your order ships, and delete any items you don't want.  If people don't check their email, or their carts, they can end up with quite an expensive shipment. Overall, I really like Grove and their products.  HTH!!

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Re: Grove collaborative



I’ve been with them about six months and everything @southwestcatmom said is true.  I like having access to several scents by Mrs. Meyers that I ordinarily wouldn’t have. 


They they have personal products as well as cleaning and household. I really like the Mint Lip Balm. 



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