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Re: Grocery bills

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@snoop wrote:

@Spurt  I felt like I bought essentials only, nothing but food items.  It just adds up fast!


Oh well, I'm happy they offer the service.  I was lucky to get a slot since they are usually booked solid.  


The grocery bill just stings when you see it, especially coming on the heels of my HUGE property tax bill.  Ugh.



I understand what your saying...especially around property tax time...ARRRGGHHHH!!!!  


Even before the pandemic, I think overall grocery prices had started to climb, even when I shopped in store ..... it seemed everytime I went the prices had gone up...For example, my 98 cent tuna went to $1.11 then to $1.24 (it all adds up)...meat, produce, frozen items etc etc....every week the prices were higher and higher!!!!   


And in our city---our grocery store chain drove away major national grocery store chains and most of the competition so now we just have HEB and the smaller grocers---Trader Joes, Sprouts, Whole Foods, plus Walmart and Target....I wont pay for a Costco membership---but none of the stores offer real competition for the major chain, HEB, and thats the problem where I live... Smiley Sad 

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Re: Grocery bills

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Most grocery stores, warehouse, transportation and delivery services are paying employees an increased hourly wage or bonuses to continue to work.  That all get passed down to the consumer.

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I'm going inside the store to shop because it's still impossible to get a pick-up time, Instacart only works in my area at Target and Aldi and because our store still doesn't have everything in stock, I don't want to get my groceries only to find out they don't have half of what I wanted.


My grocery bill has been higher because I'm trying to buy more than normal so I don't have to go weekly.  Yesterday I spent over $220.00 for just the 2 of us because I was think that next weekend is the first of the month which is always a disaster at the stores.  Add this pandemic on top of that and I don't want to go anywhere near that place.   

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Yes, I am doing the same as you.


Trying to stay stocked up on essentials, and would normally shop the best price between my Food Lion and Walmart.


However, I don't want to visit multiple places now, so just pick things up when I see them at Food Lion which is 10 minutes from my house.


Find that I am spending a bit more, but I'm also keeping more things on hand.



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I found my bills climbed substantially the first couple of weeks and since then they have eased up.  I too am a "sale" shopper.  I purchase enough of a sale item to use until the next time it goes on sale.  I find our stores, for the most part, are not having sales.  My regular Aldi items I can still find and they've held their prices.  Where I buy meat is pretty much hit or miss, although they at least have some.  I have always purchased in bulk on sale there to hold me over and they have had no meat on sale.(The first few weeks I was also purchasing for my son and his family because by the time they got out of work there was Nothing left.)  Guess I just try to help so cannot blame that increase on anyone but myself.  

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We're spending a ton on groceries and cleaning/paper products.  There's 4 of us at home now.  I've been trying to go to the store only once a week or once every 10 days.  We're still trying to order from a few of our favorite restaurants in between.  I feel heartbroken for them. 


I do notice the store is better stocked now than when this first happened. 


My sister has not gone to the store at all.  She's only been using delivery services. 

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@snoopI haven't used Instacart, but I know my Stop&Shop offers Peapod -  they do not shop the in-store specials according to the policy statements. 


But sometimes, there's a good reason to pay extra for some things and that includes services. I believe this is one of those times!


By the by, even though I haven't used a delivery service, I definitely spent more at the supermarket in late February and throughout March even without shopping as often as I usually do. But right now I'm 20 days into my credit card cycle and there are zero grocery dollars on it;  I might want to make a quick produce trip before it turns over, but maybe not even that if I eat from the the pantry and freezer!    It'll average out.


(Nothing to do with grocery bills, but it's the same with clothes -  I shopped lots in Jan and February -  zero in March and April.)








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@kitty60Instacart just delivered a small rump roast (replaement item) that cost me 23.00!  I needed meat so...I have it now. LOL


@millieshopsI have been trying to get Peapod for months now, all sold out every time.  Good you got a slot.


I do miss being able to save money on groceries.  That was one area that I could really get some savings.  

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I use Walmart's free pick up service.  I live less than a mile from a Supercenter so I just drive up, pick up my order and am back home in 15 minutes, having had no contact with anyone.  They also have delivery for a very small fee.

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Our local supermarket chain is offering less on sale. The flyer does not have alot in it any more and no super savor deals to draw in people. I used to pick up meat that was a day old after the sell by date and in a freezer. I used to buy chicken drum sticks and breasts so cheap. Empty  discount freezer now. With meat plants and Covid19 issues  I wonder what is in store? Meat is costly for those who eat it and along with cleaning and paper products raise the tab.


The products that are scarce doubled. Over $4 For a half gal. of bleach hard to find and paper products $2 to $3 more  a package. Eggs have doubled in price. Anything that is hard to come by is higher priced. $20 For an organic chicken if you want that.


Those who have local store shoppers pay up to a $1.00 more per item for the service as you get what is there ,not  the  one with the lowest price necessarily..  The service has to be be covered somehow if you can't or don't want to shop for yourself.