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I am shopping in the supermarkets, I have been spending more than normal, I’m not buying anymore than I did. The stores don’t run sales anymore ( they know they’ve got you), so we’re spending however much items sell for because we are happy to get them.

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We are spending a ton on groceries, and there are only 2 of us. 

I finally spent the $99 and joined Instacart, but when you add the tip, it just really adds up.  But, you're paying for the convenience. 

I use Instacart some, go in person some and even on Instacart weeks I  still seem to end up at Publix once a week anyway. 

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We are not going to markets. And yes, our grocery bills are higher. We order online from a supermarket, and they source it out to Instacart. We pay a delivery fee and a generous tip. It all adds up.



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@GorgI think Instacart is making a lot of money based on what I paid them, even before any price increases on products.  The service is much needed in my area.


I drove past my grocery the other day and the parking lot was packed.  I was shocked as I didn't expect a fully lot at this time.  

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I order from Wal-Mart to pick up at store.

Since they limit items for pick up I still have to go inside to stock up.

At least I can get the majority from pick up so I'm not in the store long.

I have also noticed things not being able to order for pick up as it says out of stock but when you go in the store they have it.

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Seems like each item has also gone up in price, too. That's pretty much all I've been spending my money on (and vitamins and health-related things). No more clothes or shoes. Nothing but preps from here on out.

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Re: Grocery bills

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So far my credit card bill -- I put everything on credit for the $ rewards -- is a bit less a month than pre-covid months.  I'm only just now beginning to order takeout and I only managed an InstaCart Costco order once.  We are eating very simple meals.  


I am spending quite a bit more on the g-kids in an effort to keep them happily occupied so that their parents don't lose their minds.  I'm not sure that's working though 😏😜

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Not seeing any difference unless I'm purchasing a lot of meat. The items I focus on rarely, if ever, go on sale/have coupons so, no difference.

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Yes, the amount we are spending on groceries is through the roof compared to pre-Covid (we are doing only Instacart).  But we are saving a lot of $$$ on not commuting, not eating lunches out 5x a week and not doing takeout several nights a week.  So I guess it evens out.

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I am buying the same things I always buy at the grocery store, but the total is higher and higher every trip.  


Last week, eggs, butter, A1, mayo, cereal, flour, meal, juice and meats, all had higher prices that raised the bill $22.   


I know that will get even worse in the next few weeks as meat supplies drops; favorite cuts will be harder to find, and will cost more.