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Re: Grocery Store Stock Issues?

We now have only a Kroger and a Walmart within reasonable driving distance now. The other stores have closed and been turned into ugly loft condo buildings. I buy cleaning supplies and paper at Costco, some frozen food as well. Produce at Kroger or Sprouts which is a little farther away. The WM is so poorly kept that I don't bother. Freezer cases and the cases where the milk and eggs are is usually dark even when stocked...but the items don't feel cold, so I pass. So I shop at Kroger. My store doesn't have gas pumps but when we went out of town last week we bought gas at a Kroger in south TX and my Kroger card saved us 30 cents a gallon. That was great. I could drive 45 minutes to other grocery stores,  it in the heat and gas so high, I don't think it's worth it. 

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Re: Grocery Store Stock Issues?

@JamandBread wrote:

Other than a certain kind of Pepperidge Farm bread and yellow mustard (of all things) I've had no problem finding things at the grocery store over the past few weeks.

My Safeway in suburban MD outside of DC has not had a loaf of Pepperidge Farm bread on the shelves for weeks. Plenty PF cookies, no bread. I have not seen certain lettuce varieties for months and same for other products. They have made what used to be an overflowing bakery area more condensed and fill out the sheves with what items they do receive. Many of the Safeway brand items I prefer have not been available for months.  Product availability varies week to week, the only constant is the price increases for certain items.