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JCP has Black Friday women's knitted gloves for $1.99. Almost 30 different colors/patterns. Soft, substantial knit.


Stocking stuffer, just thinking of you, your own pocket stuffer if you tend to lose gloves.


I liked: buffalo plaid, rhinestone, fluffy.


Can't beat it. An addition to my non-existent gift closet. 

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I've often wondered how people drive a car in those inexpensive knit gloves.  They slide all over the steering wheel.

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Re: Great Little Gift

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@Kachina624 I've already tested these out and they're OK. I used to always have to buy the ones with vinyl grip dots, but I think this newer polyester yarn is better.


****I checked the Fluffy pair that I used this morning. 97% polyester, 2% rubber, 1% spandex. That's probably what's making the difference.