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We see our granddaughters all the time. The twins and the trips are in high school and jr high now, so they are busy doing their own thing most of the time; we saw one perform in a musical yesterday. She was amazing as a dancer and singer. We enjoy spending time with the 15 month old and the four year old granddaughters..when they are still little it’s still cool to hang out with the grandparents....9 grandgirls ..cherish every moment you get to spend with them.
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I am so blessed ro live with my DS.My DIL and I are very close,she calls me Mama.I have a 5 yr old GS and a 4 yr old GD. I love being a Grandma,we bake every day,they help me with chores,we go fishing and do all kinds of outdoor activities. Just hearing them call me Grandma melts my heart...

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@fourpaws56@You are creating special memories for the way they are the cutest little buttons.

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My 4 year old granddaughter usually spends most Friday nights with me and this coming is no exception.  My DDL emailed me the other day that Gwen woke up crying in her sleep the other night.  When my DDL asked her what was wrong she said "I miss Mama Jo".  (that is my Grandma name)  I hope she never asks me to buy her a pony.  I was born to be a Grandma.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

My two grandsons lived a hard day's drive away from me,

 So I saw them rarely, in fact I haven't seen them since 2006.  Their mom and my son were divorced.  I missed their childhoods except for occasional phone calls.  Now one is in college and the other in the Navy.

@Kachina624  Bless your heart.  

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my youngest grandson is 5 now. my 6 grandkids range in age from 20 to 5. 


my grandson is the grandchild that spends the most time we us (grandpa and me). the other kids are in college or in school and so very active in school activity so we rarely see them.


I have not seen our grandson in about a month now. getting kind of lonely for him.