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Well - had a consultation and got an appt. scheduled at the hospital on Monday afternoon.


They do a complete pre-vaxx screening before shot  .....  

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Thank you.  Hopefully, we are on our way to a normal life, pre-pandemic. 

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How good to get a more personal evaluation.  Hope your feel better about it.


Also remember that you can ask to wait more than the 15 minutes.  I know a couple of ladies that did that.

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Re: Got a Vaxx Appt.

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@Still Raining 


Yes - I'm more comfortable about it now.   And - it's being done at the hospital where my doctors practice.


I have to arrive 15 minutes earlier for pre-vaxx testing - and then stay an additional 15 minutes afterwards.


Taking my Kindle with me - makes waiting much easier.



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Good plan.  They seem to import hall monitors to enforce the 15 min wait 😂 It's a hoot.  Don't forget we can pull the old lady act and wait a bit longer too.


Then get home and do more crochet for us 😍


We had a gentleman with heart problems while waiting for my first, not during or after but prior.  They pulled out nurses and stretchers from behind a curtain.  They are ready for whatever.

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I frankly didn't want to get the vaccination - I was actually scared about the adverse effects especially after the second shot.  Everyone I knew who had been vaccinated had no problems at all, except for three people who suffered greatly after taking Johnson & Johnson.  I got the Pfizer shots, and did fine, except for some fatigue after the second one.  Where I went, we were made to wait 15 minutes afterward, overseen by paramedics.

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I'm glad for you. A few of my relatives felt much more comfortable getting their shots at their hospital too. My mom especially, because she knows so many people there and they know her medical history. I was so happy to be able to schedule it for her that way.

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It makes a lot of sense doing this sort of thing at a hospital or clinic.   I have to admit that it felt a bit weird, initially, going to Walgreen's for it but they did a good job.


They asked me to hang around for 10-15 minutes afterward, but I wasn't monitored at all.  


I had Moderna and didn't have any side-effects at all.  I could feel it a bit, just below the shot location, if I touched the area but only for a few days.  I half expected to have issues, since I have upper respiratory and immune system challenges.