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Any suggestion on an inexpensive frother that works well? Thanks for all suggestions!
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I haven't been around in awhile, but loving the Starbucks milk frother. It has fill lines, an on button that automatically turns off after 90 secs. It removes brom base to was(rinse out) and really works well. It was abt $60 and I got 40% off!
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At home I have William Sonoma frother, about $80. At work we all contributed & purchased COSTCO item for $40. Works just as well as Sonoma. HNY2K14 to all!

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Jura at BBB $59.99 and then used a 20% off coupon.

Jura makes the expensive espresso machines that restaurants use.

It is so easy to use and clean/ Love it!

The goal is to make lattes at home to save on my Starbucks fix...{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

Anyone know how to make Skinny Mocha's at home? I know the skim milk, and espresso but the mocha part, I need to fine tune.

I have looked at Pinterest for ideas. Just may do what they say.

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If you have an Ikea near you, this is the cheapest model I've seen. Works just as well as an Aerolatte, in my opinion.

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I have the Ikea one that heidi_g links to in her post. Love it. I noticed they have a similar one on Keurig dot com.

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I have that frother and it is the best, most inexpensive one I have owned. It works!!

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I have this little plastic battery operated coffee cup called "Coffee Magic" that I believe I bought from qvc years ago. A little skim milk poured in and button pressed, frothed milk! then pour coffee in and milk rises to top- Latte I guess? works great for all these years! They had package of 2 cups I think and I gave away some as gifts.

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I thought about investing in one, but I find my vitamix works just as well.
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On 2/23/2014 FallowedGround said: I thought about investing in one, but I find my vitamix works just as well.

How do you froth milk in a vitamix for an espresso? An aerolatte and others typically take less than 10 seconds to get fabulous froth..