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Hi everybody - I'm usually over in the Fashion Forum, but have a question and thought this might be the best place to get an answer.

I'm a kitty Meowmy (eight sweet babies right now), and every spring/summer I buy a large bottle of Frontline flea spray for them - it's both cost effective, what with having a large fur family, and it works. Well, I've been looking all over the internet, starting with Amazon and eBay, and it seems like this product is no longer available. Some sites say it's "out of stock," and others say it's been discontinued. I didn't even see it on the official Frontline site.

So, two questions -

Does anyone know why this product was discontinued? (I hope it wasn't harming furbabies!)


Do any of you have recommendations as to a flea spray that works? (I can't afford the regular Frontline every month - it's just too expensive, what with needing eight doses, and I'm on disability.) I tried Hartz Mountain once, while I was waiting for a Frontline delivery, and it was totally useless.