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I rarely buy from here anymore, but i have 2 items i want to purchase... when is the next free s&h.... im hoping they will do it like they do sometimes for an hr. or two,,, i will be saving 11.00... like i said i rarely buy from here anymore, and of course when i want to..... its not free s&h

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Re: Free Shipping & Handling?

@bonnie f 


It really is hit or miss with free shipping.  Sometimes I have nothing to order on those days - or hours - and sometimes quite a few items.


If this helps MrRebates is 8%.  Could be for the day or a couple days.

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Re: Free Shipping & Handling?

@bonnie f. Free shipping times are never announced in advance and nobody knows when they're going to happen.

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Re: Free Shipping & Handling?

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I  have missed out on free shipping so many times  because of these " unannounced " offers .  My luck that , I had just placed an order then it's pop up  free shipping or they offer free shipping and I do not  want to buy or need to buy anything that day

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Re: Free Shipping & Handling?

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Maybe something coming up November 4th & 5th?




I received an ad in the mail yesterday that contained a paper Christmas ornament.


QVC wants me (us) to take pictures of ourselves with the ornament and post it to social media (free advertising for them).


I was hoping for a coupon code when I opened it (it came in an envelope this time).


Nope (darn it) 😂


They had a "flash" free shipping event last weekend though, so we might not see a free shipping day until Black Friday weekend.