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Re: Free Community College - Good Idea? Bad Idea?

Line? Oh...

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Re: Free Community College - Good Idea? Bad Idea?

On 1/10/2015 kittymomNC said:
On 1/10/2015 SoftRaindrops said:
On 1/10/2015 kittymomNC said:

From post #303: <em>"</em><em>what you posted seems to back up what I said, the majority are unwed moms on WIC.</em> <em>That is not the working poor as you suggested."</em>

I've been following this thread since its inception, and I now have one comment about post #303 - if 45% of food stamp benefits went to children under 18, and "assuming" they're all children of unwed moms, that does not mean that those unwed moms are not working. I'm sure a majority of them are working at whatever they can find because you cannot live on food stamps alone. Therefore, the assumption that all 45% should be included in "unemployed" is not rational. They would certainly, at least in my mind, be included in the <em>working poor</em>.

Well said.

Thank you SR. I had decided I wouldn't touch this thread with a 10-foot pole, but having been a single mom since my son was 3 (although not unwed), I know the struggles. I had to say something about this, even though in the whole context of this thread, it will probably be mostly ignored.

People do make some strange assumptions about so many things, and I must say, I can't believe how many comments I've seen on this thread from people who apparently have no regard for "what you do for the least of these, you do for me".... (and I wouldn't be surprised if someone argues the meaning of that too, but I'm using it as most people do). We ARE our brothers' keeper, but there are a lot of hypocritical people in this most wonderful country we live in. The times seem to be getting more and more "I'm doing okay, and the he*ll with everyone else"... people just don't walk the talk any more, and it's sad.

I agree and it is sad. However, based on what I have read here over the years, some of the replies are just more of the same folks that can't think beyond their own circumstances and care only about themselves.