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Ford, my brother-in-law was finally able to get through to them yesterday after trying since you first posted about the problem.

They adjusted his bill to a more reasonable amount.

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My suggestion - call your state representatives if you can't get through.

The utilities are regulated by the state...they will listen to reps, who have direct numbers to the officers of the company.

That's what we pay those folks for...time to make them do a little work on your behalf!

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I heard that on the news last night, thanks Terrier. Since both of the managers at this apartment and my new apartment said they would take care of this, I am not going to try to call (for the 50th time) as there will now be tons of folks calling to get their refunds also.

My situation has always been different. I've been getting credits on my gas bill for years while living here. I always thought it was because this apartment is partially government-subsidized and because of my age. (My new apartment is not government-subsidized.)

It wouldn't be thrilling if that was in error the whole time and they present me with a bill for thousands of dollars (I've been here 4-1/2 years). {#emotions_dlg.scared}

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