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If you get a chance to see their "Greatest Hits Tour" I highly recommend you do so. Yes, George is gone {RIP}, and Paul has left for greener operatic pastures but they still put on a hellavu show.

Damien is back for the whole show {I thought he might just make an appearance}. The irony is during his younger years he had the highest voice, no he has the deepest! But I think he's still finding himself musically--he didn't seem to be at ease as he once was.

Emmet has an even better voice than Paul had and almost blew the roof off a few times, earning a couple of ovations.

They did a lovely tribute to George at the end.

The songs were all familiar and everyone had a good time. I hope, if you are a fan, you can get to see them live. They never disappoint.

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Re: For you Celtic Thunder fans

Thank you, Margo. Our friends saw the show in Kansas City area in February. I will ask them to give me a report. Love it that Damian returned. Paul was a bit too operatic for me, but he certainly has skills. Seemed like a nice guy when interviewed on public TV. I still like Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne, but not familiar with others. So sad about George. I'll try to catch the show on public TV later on. Glad you enjoyed the show. Sounds like you're a big fan. Check out The Elders Band Celtic music. They are our fave.

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