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Today I prepared my last HelloFresh meal which was Blackened Catfish.  On a scale of 1 to 5, I'd say it was a 4.  The veggies were again, sliced red bell pepper and onion, seared along with green beans and garlic.  It was delicious but I had bell pepper and onion prepared the same way with the Fajitas yesterday.  The recipe included cilantro but I knew not to add that, lol.


This morning, my Blue Apron box arrived with the meat still semi frozen.  The packaging was good  with plenty of dry ice but I didn't like the way the veggies and spices were packaged.  HelloFresh had the ingredients for each meal separately packed but in one small box each and labeled.  Blue Apron has everything together in little bags called knack bags that you can't see through.  Both services had meats separate.


The veggies look good from both companies.  Blue Apron has tomatoes in two of the meals.  I'm seeing a pattern here where a company uses certain veggies predominately.


Going to a BBQ tomorrow so I won't try Blue Apron til Sunday which brings up a planning issue.  When you have a box coming you have to be prepared to cook it withn a few days of receiving it.

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