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DS surprised me by flying home late last week. He was leaving today to go back and be at work first thing tomorrow morning.




The best laid plans. . . 



He had a 2-1/2 hour layover in Charlotte before his connecting flight. His plan was to get to the gate, then find something to eat. His connecting plane was delayed, then canceled. Eating was out of the question. They got him on a plane to Dallas, then another connecting flight. He would have about an hour in Dallas. That plane was delayed taking off too. When he landed in Dallas he had 14 minutes to get to his last connecting flight. By the time he was able to get off that plane and get to the other gate the plane was taxiing down the runway.




The next available flight to his city is Friday night, He is on standby for a flight tomorrow morning.




Thinking he would stay overnight in the airport, he went to find a vending machine to get water. He accidentally went through security and outside the airport. He found a security guard, but he isn't able to get back in until they open in 6 hours. The security guard left, and he didn't see any others. He was alone and hot, and outside the airport. 




He decided to rent a car for an 11-hour drive. $500 plus fees. He abandoned that plan. (I was really glad because he's exhausted and doesn't need to be driving that distance with little rest.) He saw a Hyatt and started walking. Everyone else in his situation had already taken care of things and there were no rooms. The desk clerk started calling hotels for him. Nothing within 10 miles, but she did find a Residence Inn somewhere. He called an Uber. 



He called once he checked in. Two lessons learned: When returning to where he lives, he needs to pay a little extra for a nonstop flight. He never brings toothpaste home because I told him a long time ago we have plenty. Now he is really upset he can't brush his teeth. From now on carry a travel-size toothpaste.




At least he can get a hot shower and a few hours of rest. I'm praying he gets on that morning standby flight!   Smiley Frustrated

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Wow what a nightmare!!I dont fly but if i did and this happened to me i would be so upset!..Poor kid...Praying he gets that flight today.

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This is why I am seriously considering driving across the country for my next vacation. 


Hope he gets home soon. 🙏

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Re: Flight Delays Rant

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@beach-mom Travel by air used to be ok.  Not now.  We are vacationing in the south for a month next year.  I dread the flights.  There is no direct flight so praying for good connections.  It is too far to drive.


The last time I got the runaround like your son did, I got a vicious flu 24 hours after we arrived.  It was a nightmare.

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@beach-mom   Wow.  I haven't flown for a few years, but so many friends/co workers always seem to have issues with delays and cancels.  I hope he can get on standby!  I think it happens a lot.  

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@beach-mom ,

That is horrible! Your poor son.

I don't understand why they wouldn't let him back into the Dallas airport until it opened? I didn't know airports closed especially at major cities!

I know when I've gotten home late at an airport, all the stores and food things are closed and its pretty empty but how could they not even let him back inside?


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Reading your post I have learned a couple of things: Be prepared (carry some food w/you.even if it is a bag o'nuts and candy bar). And a personal bag (zip locs are great) with toothpaste,tooth: brush,etc. I am sorry for your son's problems.

Hubbs says w/me: that if it were I (insulin diabetic) 911 or whatever would have to be called.

Hubbs also says the days of airlines caring about their passengers are gone. 

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Re: Flight Delays Rant

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Hope things worked out for your son. That is sad about all the delays. 

My husband does not like to fly, and we are driving to Chicago area from upstate NY. We are taking our time as we are retired. Long trip, but not worth the worry about flying, and then we have everything with us in the car. Not the best for most, but it works for us.

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I'm so sorry this happened to DS!   Just a total bummer.

Everyone who travels ( airlines or even roadways), should bear in mind that unexpected events are always a possibility!  Plane issues, roadway accidents or construction- these often happen- it's part of travel. 

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That sounds so awful!  


It only takes a time or two of experiencing an airport nightmare to opt for better but more expensive flights.  I've been there where my flight had been cancelled while waiting to board the plane and it was NOT fun!


I have noticed though that sometimes a non-stop direct flight is not more expensive.  I have tried to avoid connecting flights at all costs!  


I'm assuming that your son is not checking any luggage....Imagine that ordeal of not seeing it again or taking weeks before it does show up!


I hope he arrives home safely and can get something to eat & rest.  He's a good son to have come home to see you for Mother's Day.


Now when I fly domestically if I'm by myself I will only fly first class.  I don't travel often and it's worth the extra cost.  I'm going on vacation this summer to Europe and we are flying business class.  Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.