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Re: Feigned Innocence

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@Marp wrote:

When you see someone apologize for something because they "didn't know" or "didn't understand" or "didn't think they did anything wrong" then continue to repeat the behaviors for which they apologize do you tend to just ignore the apologies as insincere, see the individual as a "troublemaker" feigning innocence or react in a different way?



@Marp...Your thread title called to me right away...I have a family member who is a malicious gossip and is an expert at manipulative passive/aggressive behavior...When confronted, she denies everything and always "feigns innocence"...Our relationship has been destroyed and I no longer allow her into my life...She calls and leaves messages...She knows my husband will be hearing these messages also so, in true manipulative form, she acts concerned as to why she hasn't heard from me and asks if everything is okay....a perfect example of "feigned innocence" and manipulative passive/aggressive behavior.


I definitely see her for what she is and keep as far away from her as possible...It is like the saying..."When someone shows you who they are, believe them."...She has had many years to prove herself and I finally got it!...I can be slow at times...LOL...Actually, I gave her too many chances before I had my huge awakening.


So, I'm not sure if my example is of any help but I do feel that, in my experience, when people keep repeating the same behavior over and over, it is a perfect example of someone who is just playing other people and enjoying the ride.


Interesting thread!...I love discussions about human behavior and relationships.





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So why start a passive aggressive thread about it?


@Mominohio  Yes, you are right. This thread itself is "feigned innocence"!



          In all fairness, @Marp already addressed that assumption.   She said it was not.   She's not a passive-aggressive poster, and she addresses issues and people directly.    The fact is, our reaction often is a good indicator that something hit a sensitive nerve within us...  it doesn't always mean something was directed at us.   It's a good way (at least in my experience) to gain more insight into the way we post here.  And insight into the way we act toward others, in general. 


Well, I'm not a believer in anonymous internet forum psychological analysis.  Sorry.

Yet you're doing it yourself. You wrote the thread is "feigned innocence" and agreed with ohio's post about passive aggressive. How is that not your own version of psychological analysis?

@Say Nay  LOL!  Well, like me, feel free not to believe in it.  We'll have something in common Smiley Happy  .

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Obviously, I missed something. What is this whole thing REALLY about?