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It's 90 here in Pennsylvania and I love it.  I like fall too, but winter...not so much.  Before we know it, it'll be cold again.  

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I've said it before on this's hotter than the hubs of he!! and I hate it!  Bring on winter!

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Fall saddens me - yes the leaves are pretty in the oranges, golds, reds, burgundys but all this means is a week or two later, they're all one big mess on the ground. This leads to many times needing to do leaf removal, hate it.


Then what's next - yep you guessed it, old man winter.


Dislike both of these seasons but without them, SPRING my fav season can't make its gorgeous comeback.

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Fall here in southwest Florida brings temperatures back down into the 80's. A welcome break from 90º+ days.

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Love this summer extension!!! Humidity is difficult though

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Here in No. Cal. we are at least seeing a big break from the constant triple digits we had allllllll summer. I mean like 112 and above. Now it's down to 87-90 highs during the day. I am urging even cooler weather in. I can smell fall in the wind...

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I live in downstate New York.I love  ❤️ the warm weather.I wish it could last forever!!! 

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I live in Georgia and it is HOT!  I moved here from Callifornia (Central Coast) and I knew it was going to be hot and humid most of the time but it's just staying so hot for so long.  I'm orginally from NJ and thought I'd adapt a little better than how I have been doing, but I guess I was just in California too long. 

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Good question. I think we had about two weeks of semi-fall weather near the end of August, which is sort of unheard of... But it's been pretty much sunny and in the 80's since then. I've had enough. Fall is always the shortest season around here, which rankles because it's the one I like best. It seems like summer lasts forever anymore, while we barely get winter and spring and fall are both iffy.

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I'm in Ohio up on the lake.  We had fall like temps in July and in August.  Now we are in the upper 80's and 90's with high humidity and high dew point.  Yesterday I believe it was 94 and we are supposed to be the same today.


Tomorrow the temp is supposed to be 85 but they said that will be early and as the day goes on, temps will drop and by evening it will be 70.  By the weekend it's supposed to be in the 60's during the day with lows in the 40's.


Forecasters are saying that today will be our last 90+ day of the year.  They are also predicting a mild winter. I don't mind it staying warm but this is too warm and humid now.  And we desperately need rain.