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I just wanted to give kudos to Miriam on Live Chat. I had a problem with an order that I never received and she took care of the issue in less than five minutes. I know a lot of you have problems with CS and I just wanted to recognize a job well done.👏

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Re: Excellent Customer Service

I've been having excellent service with customer service also.  Very friendly and prompt in helping me with any issues I had.

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Re: Excellent Customer Service

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I am sorry but I have not had good luck. I called a couple of days ago to check on my auto delivery for David's frozen cookies, scheduled to ship on 10/3.  Knowing they will come frozen a few days at most after my ship date, but Customer service told me it is scheduled to ship around October 27th!! Customer service told me that my approximate ship date was 10/3  but it might take some time for it to get to the warehouse and then be delivered to me, and I said 3 weeks for FROZEN COOKIES???


I also told customer service that my next delivery would then only be a month away and they are supposed to come about every three months. I gave up because it was obvious the CS rep didn't understand the problem.  I waited and then recalled and got pretty much the same answer. So I think the message was those cookies are DELAYED about 3 wks but no one would SAY it.


I have bought these many times and they have all shipped pretty close to the scheduled ship date even in the worst of times, and then because they are frozen they get here no more than two days after.  So it looks like they're going to be about three weeks late.

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Re: Excellent Customer Service

@NEvans2 It is so nice to see such a positive post regarding customer service! Any interraction I have had with them has always been pleasant, but I empathize with others that have not fared as well.😊



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Re: Excellent Customer Service

Never ever had a problem with Q CS, quite the opposite! I will never forget when my caramel apple order for Christmas arrived totally melted. It had been under the UPS trucks heat vent  : (   Not sure how they did it but they got me a fresh order in time for my employee Christmas party. They didn't even blink, amazing in a short turn around. 


I've had a few other situations and they were always handled promptly and professionally, and sometimes with a bit of fun! I think they are just great!

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Re: Excellent Customer Service

I've had Miriam too, and she's great! 

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Re: Excellent Customer Service

I Live- chatted with CS yesterday about a return that I made last month----about 3 weeks ago now---and heard nothing about it at all---not sure who I chatted with, but I did find out that ,yes, my return was returned and she gave me my refund then and there!! and it all took about 5 minutes to resolve----have had very good results from CS and always give them props ----did the same with JTV too--- a return floating around in return world without any acknowledgement of where it was  --but CS did the job in those magic 5 minutes of checking and I had my refund----