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Re: Everything Extended Endlessly

@Jasmine19 wrote:

My mute button is wearing out.

I TA - I was using the remote so much it wore out.I finally just started watching INSP - I can tell you every show ever aired of Bonanza, the Waltons and The Virginian.

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Re: Everything Extended Endlessly

@Vivian Florimond wrote:

Now that we are in the home stretch of the longest election cycle in human history (no political opinion here), I realize that something is happening. We are being subjected to overly extended build-ups of events. It's taking a toll on our psyches.


Christmas, or what is now called the holiday season, is two months long. I cannot recall ever seeing so many Christmas ads on Halloween as I've seen this year. QVC has had their trees up for awhile. To me, ALL this advance build-up takes away from the special meanings of the events and holidays they represent. In other countries, the election cycle is under two months. Somehow they can get it done. Christmas season used to start right after Thanksgiving. Now we feel pressured to start shopping ASAP...or else. Or else what? I can tell you what all the hype has done to me. I have turned off the TV. I've stopped listening. My life is more peaceful as a result.









I totally agree.  It's more than ridiculous.  I'm preparing for my youngest daughter's 50th birthday this month.  That's all that interests me right now.

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Re: Everything Extended Endlessly

Two years ago, I just knew how the circus was going to be overwhelming us all.  I am way past the point of caring who wins what.  That's a sad thing to admit but that is where that whole arena of hyenas has lead me.  The media we have here is disturbed. 

The holiday push is just wrong.  I don't participate so it's all wasted on me. 

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Re: Everything Extended Endlessly

I am all "electioned" out.


I am all out of pant suit colors.Smiley Very Happy


I have this thing that I love seeing people like Queen Elizabeth that wear a monochromatic outfits all the time lol


I know it is really about the issues but we can't discuss those here.


As for Christmas I saw a Rockettes (sp)? commercial on and I rolled my eyes!

I love them but I am not ready for all of that just yet.



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Re: Everything Extended Endlessly

The advertisers don't promote Thanksgiving because it isn't a money maker.   You buy groceries, and that's it. I have Thanksgiving decor that I use every year, and don't need to buy more. I love Thanksgiving and hate the way it's ignored now. I don't watch the news now because they don't even talk about some things that are going on which I feel are important. And I don't watch any of the Christmas shows.  I can't stand over kill and hype. I really enjoyed watching the Cubs' celebration today, though!!