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Enjoyable Meal with ...

So DH pressure cooked a delicious meal with a smoked shoulder (rinsed twice for less saltiness) & included cabbage, carrots & roasted baby potatoes.  Super tasty!

But, to make the meal complete, I put on a CD of Tim Janis -"Coastal America".  He records the most soothing, beautiful music. 

I haven't been to one of his concerts in several years.  I hope to catch him playing in Maine this year at his church.  Tim Janis has one of the most kind souls.

Do any of you still play his music?  I must have about 30 of his CDs.

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Re: Enjoyable Meal with ...

How nice DH did the cooking. I don't know the performer you mentioned, but in a TV show last week a couple had dinner while 'Open Arms' by Journey played so we got out our CD and played it on Saturday.

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Re: Enjoyable Meal with ...

I'll try streaming him on Pandora.  I heard a little YT snippet and it sounded quite nice.  Thanks!

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