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Someone on Ellen's show just won a $5,000 QVC gift card!!! Runner-up got a $500 card and the audience all got $200 QVc gift cards. Wow! $5,000 - that's a lot of SG!!!!!Wink

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S&H will eat up a lot of it even now.

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hope they all shop wisely...

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Maybe they'll unload the GILI and bronzo stuff.......suckers.
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Good for them! I'd have no trouble spending that money.
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I wonder if that was on Ellen's dime or was that from the Q's advertising budget.

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I've always wondered who pays for all the giveaways on Ellen's show, but assumed it was paid for by the sponsor of the giveaway, i.e., Target, GMC, Shutterfly, QVC, etc. The name of the company is usually prominently displayed on the "big checks" or gift cards that she gives away.

I found this answer [unverified] on that seems to support my theory:

Companies that produce the items usually provide them for free. For example, during her 12 Days of Giveaways, Ellen introduces each gift along with the name of the company that produces it. These companies provide product to The Ellen DeGeneres Show show as part of their advertising campaign.

Any gifts that aren't sponsored by way of advertisement are paid for by Warner Brothers, since the show is under their production company. Ellen DeGeneres doesn't pay for any of the gifts herself.

You may also notice that the show sometimes gives away checks (money) to organizations or to guests. Those are also funded by the companies themselves, as a means of customer satisfaction as well as advertisement. Giveaways portray a positive image, shapes public opinion, and it is beneficial to companies to participate in charity. They attract more business in return for their good will in the community.

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I'd buy a really really really nice piece of gold jewelry.

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Shes always giving things away and helping people who need help. Ellen is fab and funny!

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Her surname is very apt, misspelled: DeGenerous. 8-)