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Easter (surprise)

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I know its a week late but I wondered how everyones Easter was? DH and I Had Easter dinner alone of course.


However, late in the day we were watching a movie on tv when we saw a figure on our porch. DH said it was my daughter. I thought he was kidding!


Here my daughter drove here on Easter and put DHs favorite candy, a beautiful flower plant for me, and some leftovers from their dinner, and a basket of candy for both of us on our porch!!!! 


I opened the door and she was in the car till then with my 3 grandchildren. (Of course we did social distancing and did not go near each other) But I CRIED my eyes out and was so glad to see them even though they were many feet from us in the car! 


We yelled back and forth to each other from 15 feet or more away. My grandchildren gave me the heart sign with their fingers and said we love you Mom Mom and we missed you so much.


I was so happy to see them, even from a distance.. I miss my 2 children and grandchildren so much! We had to cancel all the March birthdays of my 3 grandkids and DH. So I had not seen them (or my son and his wife) since January when we had my sons birthday.


So they made our day doing this! When this nightmare ends we are all going to have a huge  party with my son and his wife, and my daughter and her family too. And we will celebrate all the birthdays we missed! 

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@Shorty2U - What a sweet thing for your DD and her family to do for you! I'm sure your grandchildren enjoyed it too, so all in all, with everything going on, you can say you had a Happy Easter! Smiley Happy

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What a beautiful day to share with us! Heart


Thank you!


I had tears in my eyes as I read your post.


It's so hard to be away from loved ones right now.


I'm looking forward for things to get better for all of us, so that we can all go out again so that we can be with those we love. 



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@Shorty2U   What a wonderful Easter surprise!  Not being able to see my daughter and grand babies is the worst part of this ordeal for me. 


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I'd say you two are much loved parents and grandparents! Smiley Very Happy

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@Shorty2U what a wonderfully thoughtful daughter you raised and she is continuing that thoughtfulness with her children.  My mom is gone now but i miss her everyday.  I might talk to her when things get tough and contemplate advice she might have given.  i often look out the kitchen window while doing dishes.  That's where i watched my children (now grown) play as i was making dinner.  Yesterday a cardinal hopped on a nearby planter and peered in the window for several minutes.  To me it represented reassurance that mom is with me and reminding me to stay strong.  Best to you.

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Precious family. Happy for you. Our family Easter is TBD at a later date. We have to do that egg hunt together, even if 90 degrees!

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How wonderful of your family to do this!


I am 1200 miles away but my GD calls me everyday (or should I say every hour now) - she got a nice surprise from her other grandparents...


they set up a easter egg hunt in their yard.  My GD had no idea they were doing this and when she got there they had a big sign ... "Happy Easter the Bunny planted some surprises for you!".


This is one thing she really looks forward to every year,

It was really cute my GD said and we "social distanced" even in the picture -- they were inside and she was outside the window...


sadly, this is becoming the normal ... so glad you had a wonderful Easter. 


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Re: Easter (surprise)

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Dh and I drove to my son and daughter in law's to drop off our granddaughter's Easter baskets. They live an hour away from us. Before this, we babysat two days a week.  Needless to say we couldn't go inside. It was wonderful seeing them but very hard and sad not being able to kiss or hug any of them.  For the last thirty six years,  I've hosted Easter dinner for my family.  Like so many of you, the hardest part of this for me is not being able to see my family. Especially, my 90 year old mom, my sons, daughter in law and granddaughters! Anyway, I'm blessed I at least got to see them. Even if it was though a glass door!😇😷🐰






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My mother is 87 and, for a few reasons, we don’t “socially distance” ourselves from her (even though I said repeatedly that we are supposed to.)

I hadn’t intended to see her on Easter, but realized that she would probably like to watch Andea Bocelli from Milan (a place we’ve been together.) So, because she doesn’t have WIFi, we watched it on my iPhone and then, because it was only 30 minutes, we were able to watch the last 1/2 hour of Easter Mass from Holy Name Cathedral.

I obviously couldn’t eat with her because I couldn’t take off my mask, but sat with her while she had some soup. She also made me some food to bring home, which I had for dinner the next night.

I left soon thereafter and, later, picked up Easter dinner for myself from one of the best restaurants in the world - Alinea. It’s unheard of for a restaurant like this to do “takeout” - usually it’s multi course meals plated with tweezers that start at $350 without drinks; I would never otherwise go. But, they adapted to doing comfort takeout during this time and I had the coq o vin (sp)

Called my mother after watching Jesus Christ Superstar and she thanked me for making her Easter be so nice (something I will probably always remember.)

Side note - we never really celebrated Christmas; she was in a nursing home/rehab because she had fallen mid December. And, now we didn’t really have an Easter either.