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NO KIDDING!  The same for video calls.  I try to plan ahead for those meetings on which I need to turn on my camera.  Sure enough on a no-make-up day someone schedules a meeting that I should have my camera on for, but I don't!  I'm totally honest with my boss, though, I tell her I didn't put on make-up & she just laughs.

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I NEVER leave the house without styled hair and makeup.  Gettin' too old for the "natural" look.  {*_*}





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That's funny but true!  When I'm home any more, I don't bother with makeup, etc.  I just shower and moisturize and put my hair up in a clip.  I rarely go any place and I don't see the poiht in it.  I know I should make more of any effort but I'm comfy this way.  I used to never set one foot out the door -- even if it was to the mailbox -- without having mascara and foundation on!  When I go to the food store, etc. I do try to look put together but I don't really go crazy.  If I had some place really interesting to go to, I would!  

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When I retired I made a commitment to myself that I will not go a day (well, almost) without styling my hair and some makeup (mascara mainly) I did not want to get caught up in that lazy mode with myself, so far so good, who knows what tomorrow will bring though.

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@Tinkrbl44 and everyone,

Oh, it happens many times! I look good and meet no one, run out for an item, and ,meet someone or hear somebody call my name, DARN!! I remember my Mom saying the same thing, everyone,

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I have learned that I do see someone most every day, so as soon as I get a good bit of coffee down, I get ready for whatever is coming.  Less rushing that way.

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I don't worry about it.  I figure they'll see me again sometime all dressed and made up and just think "Well, she cleans up nice".  If I've been working out in the yard and need to make a trip to the grocery or big box store, I'm not cleaning up just for that.  

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I never fail to see the parent of a former student or former coworker when I go out...always have to have the hair and makeup done. 

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@Trailrun23 wrote:

I never fail to see the parent of a former student or former coworker when I go out...always have to have the hair and makeup done. 




LOL .... you're not alone on that one!