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Those of you chastising these EC RNs in the inner city of Detroit: Shame on you!


You have no idea what you are talking about, even fellow RNs. Detroit hospitals during this pandemic are worse than an episode of MASH, people. There have been many doctors and RNs come out of retirement to help. My hospital is starting hazard pay and importing out of state RNs. They are paying for hotel rooms so staff doesn't bring home Covid to their loved ones.  We are now told if you are re-assigned temporarily from your position (OR nurses, for example) and you refuse to care for Covid patients you are fired on the spot. I know of no other profession where this occurs.




ETA: In my system there are 1500 workers out due to exposure (out of 38,000 employees for 8 hospitals). MI has lost 1 physician and 3 RNs to death whose families chose to share their stories of ultimate sacrifice due to this  #$&^( virus.


The armed forces, called desertion.

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