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Hi to you. You asked about my most recent visit to my Cardiologist last Monday, in a different thread. I got ready to post my reply, and that thread was no longer there. My guess is it got poofed, and I really don't remember the topic of it.


Anyways, below is what I posted on the Wellness Forum in the October Exercise Thread put up by @bopper. Be forewarned It is long so be informed.



"Thank you for your concern. Saw my Cardiologist yesterday. He is pretty much a friend, as I started seeing him at the beginning of his practice, in the early 1980's.


Back then I originally wanted to get my heart checked because of my Maternal Genetics. My mother and everyone in her family died from heart disease, so I thought it wise to be a step ahead, knowing where my heart was early.


I was big into running Road Races. With running and Reffing my hockey league and Youth Hockey Games at that time. Most of my bi- annual Max Treadmill Tests, with Pulmonary Cart, were to see my Physical Fitness Level over those years. Had those for many years and placed my emphasis on getting better in all facets.


At my visit with him yesterday, he pretty much leveled with me. Knowing me all those decades and my background of what was important in my life. He told me it would be better to not put much stress on my heart, and would be smart not to go beyond walking.


He thinks ice skating puts too much stress on the heart,  because of so many muscle groups involved. That makes skating much harder than walking, even running. I've told many runners, that running is much less physical work than ice skating, from the many years I have done both.


Right now I am trying to mentally process what all this means, as far as where I choose to go right now, and into the near future. This is new and unfamiliar territory for me. Have always been used to getting right back with it in my recovery processes.


We talked about my getting the 2nd Phizer shot, and the studies he has researched since I brought it up to him a couple visits back. He is pretty sure this could definitely been the cause of my heart getting weaker in it's Ejection Fraction Functioning. Pretty much what a expected from my own research after this downhill trend started for me when ice skating.


Started me on another prescription he thinks might protect my heart better, and hopefully, even improve my EF numbers. It's time for me to reflect and do what is overall best for my wife while doing so. Unlike my other many recoveries, my getting well, was best for me for sure, and also my wife. This time, my wife is my 1st priority".


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I am wishing you the best in your decision making. It seems you have reached a fork in the road and have to decide which path to take. Your concern for your wife is heartwarming. Stay safe and strong.

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@hckynutjohn I am sorry to hear about your decision making ahead because I know how important skating is to you.  It sounds as if you have made your decision, you just have to wrap your head around it now. 


I wasn't surprised to hear what your doc said about the Covid shot and booster.  My DH's pulmonologist said they are seeing more and more people coming in with blood clots.  I don't want to turn this into a vax bash, just stating what we were told.


You have taken good care of yourself.  I don't think you are going to change your ways now.  All the best~

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Sorry to hear of your issues. I know from reading your posts over the past few years how much you enjoy your physical activity, especially skating. I'm hoping the best for you in whatever you decide. Hope the new meds work, too.

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@hckynutjohn   I am sorry to hear of your health issues.


I have been posting with you, seems like forever, and I know how much your skating means to you.  It is so hard to think you may have to give up things you love for the greater good.


Good luck with everything.  I wish you the best and peace with whatever decisions you have to make.

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@hckynutjohn Sad to hear you will need to make some adjustments in physical activities. It will be hard to give up the skating you have loved for so long.


But, if we're blessed to live long enough, it will happen to all of us. We will eventually have to give up things, but hopefully be able to find other fulfilling activities. 


I had to give up yoga that I loved since the mid 70's, due to spinal issues. I took up lengthy walks/hikes out in nature instead, for good exercise and meditation. I guess when I have to give this up, I'll exercise in a chair. We have to have a degree of acceptance, that we are changing, in spite of our efforts to micromanage our health and hold back time. 


I hope you will listen to your doc's advice and that the new med will help with EF numbers, so you can add some exercise safely. 


You've been through a lot. I've no doubt, you'll do what's best for you and family. 

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I"m so sorry for the circumstances you're in. I'm sure it's beyond disappointing. Wishing you peace and serenity.


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(side note - I hope your doctor will report your case as an adverse reaction)

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@hckynutjohn,  Very sorry to hear what you’ve been going through.  I know how much your skating means to you and how hard it would be to give it up.  It does sound like you have a very caring doctor who is being very honest with you.  I wonder if you have talked this over with your wife and what her opinion is.  I know she wants you to be happy but also does not want to lose you.


Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?  Do I understand that your COVID shot gave you bad repercussions?   If so, I am very sorry.  There are times we can’t win.  I wish you well, and I am sure you will make the right decision for you.  All my best.

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I'm sorry you may have to stop doing what you love so much that is so much a part of your life.

I guess when physical things start to change our lives we have to rethink things.

A friend of mine in her 80's always said she doesn't think of what she can't do anymore but the things she can still do. I thought that was a beautiful way to think of it.

I know I've and many of us here have had to give up things we've done all our lives maybe all at once or bit by bit.

The one thing I was still able to do was swim; mostly the butterfly. I've been doing it everytime I am in water, most all of my life. It became such a natural thing for me. But I recently fractured my shoulder and I don't think I will be able to do the butterfly again. Its hard to imagine.

But I thought I'm going to love and appreciate all the years I was able to do it. That has happened so many times for me in having to give things up.

I'm sure you will find things you love because you are resourceful from everything I've read from you!

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I realize skating is an important part of your life, but you may get enjoyment out of teaching, coaching, or mentoring.


Life changing decisions can cause a lot of heart ache.

Take the safe route with support from your doctor.


I will keep you in prayer.