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Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

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A man was shot over the weekend in Louisville, and police say it was over a Hot Pocket.


The Louisville Metro Police Department arrested 64-year-old Clifton Williams on Sunday after they said he shot his roommate following an argument in the Wyandotte neighborhood.


Police said that Williams' roommate had eaten the last Hot Pocket, so he started throwing tiles at him.


Arrest slips say that the roommate tried to leave, but Williams went inside and got a gun. The man was then shot in the buttocks as he was trying to leave, according to police.


The victim traveled a few blocks to get help and was taken to UofL Hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.


Williams is being charged with assault, has been ordered not to have contact with the victim. His bond was set at $7,500.

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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

Hmmmm, I wonder if alcohol could have been involved?

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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲


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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

That room mate is a PIA.  All that for a lousy Hot Pocket.

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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

Drunk or unstable.

Or both.
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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

Add a gun to any volatile issue and someone will end up injured or killed.


No surprise there.

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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

Ham and chedder or pepperoni pizza?   


Sorry friends, it is 2:30 AM, and as usual, I have sleeping problems. Trying for some laughs here and I am utterly failing.


Too many nuts with guns out there.  Sad indeed.

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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

It is literally the Wild West out there. Everyday stories like this.


And, on similar WW note, the driving on our highways here in CT...more and more accidents reported now because people are just making illegal moves all over the place to race where they are going. It's hard to even see or anticipate some of the dangerous moves.


It's the weirdest, kinda frightening, of times.

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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

Maybe there's a market for guns that come with their own breathalyzer that prevents firing when the user tests positive for a set level of alcohol. Just a thought...a breathalyzer safety for guns. Probably could prevent a lot of accidental shootings. I'm off to see a patent attorney.


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Re: Drop that Hot Pocket! 😲

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Watch comedian Jim Gaffigan on Netflix doing a talk about Hot Pockets.

He is hysterical.


It is the one called Beyond the Pale. It's also on YouTube. Jim Gaffigan - Beyond the Pale - Hot Pockets



He is clean cut: no foul language.



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