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@Snoopp  YUP!


The township PD has been using drones for years.  You really do not notice them until you actually look for them.  The PD drones fly very low if doing surveillance.

I live in a 55+ community.  If an ambulance comes here, you can bet your bottom bibby that a drone will be hovering nearby.


All my grands have drones.  Q sells them too!

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I was out on the deck one day and one flew over. It did a slow circle over our place and then over 4 or more of our other neighbors. If I would have had one of those paint ball guns that nosey drone would have been a gonner. I tried to see where it "went home" but it was too far down the street. It surprised me because it was not noisy at all. Real quiet.I only noticed it because it looked like a UFO at first. I can see where these could become a big problem with invasion of privacy and home safety and security.

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'One thing I have to say about drones'...........I'd like to see more of them during LE car chases.


Much safer for citizens, imo.


Less chance of speeding, etc.


Just have a few quiet drones following them to their destination; Monitor and call ahead to LE and intercept the perps at their destination. 

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Our neighbors were a military family with two young children.   One day the wife came over and asked my husband if she could look into our yard for their drone that her young daughter was flying.  She found it alright, it was over 75 feet in the air stuck in a large tree in our backyard.    There was no way that anyone could climb up to get it down.  


She called an arborist and he wanted $400.00 to get it down. There was no way that they were going to spend that much money to get what was probably a $200.00 drone.


After the arborist, she called our local fire department and the chief came over as a courtesy to them and he told us there wasn't anyway to get it down due to the power lines.   He lauged and said that the drone will probably come down eventually.


Well they moved from our area over three years ago and that darn drone is still hanging by a thread up in our tree.    It has survived wind storms, snow storms and the errant squirrels who runs by it daily.  


I told my husband I wish we had kept in contact with them, they would be shocked to know that their drone is still in our tree.  


They were such a lovely couple and I felt so bad that they lost their drone but letting a 5 year old fly a drone wasn't such a bright idea.   

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I've only seen people at parks with them. I read someone had them fly over their yard continually and they shot it lol. I can't even remember where it happened.

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Drones are an important tool to survey/photo residential rooftops. Used to gather key information -dimensions, identifying obstacles such as pipes and chimneys in order to develop customized layouts for installation of roof based solar power systems - renewable energy.  


It saves $$$ and less risk to estimators bc they don't need to climb onto rooftops to survey them. Of course, this is only done with permission of the homeowner (by appointment)

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My master bedroom has a sliding glass door to the covered patio. One day I walked out and was startled to see a drone hovering nearby.  It really gave me the creeps. I can't prove it but I think it was from the president of the HOA who lived next door. There's a privacy fence and shrubs separating our backyards plus I have a pecan tree and a huge fig tree. When I bought the house this guy was constantly ringing the doorbell or leaving notes "suggesting" what he thought I should do. I stopped answering the door so I think he was spying on me with that drone. I was very relieved when he and his wife sold the house and moved. 


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So creepy.

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@Mz iMac is that a PD drone or a nosey neighbor drone watching the ambulance?

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It's the po-po.  Their drones are clearly marked.

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