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The end of last November, our much beloved dog passed. My husband remarked all during her life that she's spoiled us from ever having another dog; he was right. She seemed more like a person than a dog an more ways I can list, but more than anything was remarkably good, wise, and sweet.

When we adopted another dog, we jumped in too fast and got more of a puppyish dog than we would have wanted. But we've stuck it out with her and she's been reponding more and more to training.

We thought we could give a 2nd dog a home, but haven't had luck. The first one we adopted was vicious with other dogs, and sadly we had to return it (but she was good, almost perfect, in other ways). Our dog didn't get along with her. A new one we just got doesn't get along with our dog either, so we probably have to give that poor dog back. I never thought I'd be in a spot like this, but even when they meet ahead of time, you don't know what it's going to be like at home. I've given up on a 2nd dog, and sadly we can give one a home. Our dog seems to be too possessive of me.

Yes, we donate to animal causes and that helps, but so many dogs need homes right now and I just wish we could!