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Re: Do You Ride A Bicycle?


I have never owned a bicycle. Where I grew up in public housing projects there were few that had them. When 1 of my 3 older sisters started her job, she saved up and bought a girls bike. I did learn to ride it, and did so only with her permission.


When I started being a carhop, and making good money, at age 12, I bought a Whizzer Motor Bike. Rode that all the time when not working, even though it was illegal since I was only 13 at the time. Had a long talk given to me by a nice and understanding police officer.


I was about 2 miles from our house and he told me I had better push my motor bike home, or else. I understood what "or else" might entail. Pushing a bike with a motor and with gears always engaged, was like trying to push heavy snow with a shovel. I did make it home, eventually.


The only types of bikes I have owned, do not move, only the wheel and pedals do the moving. Have had several stationary bikes, with my present being a recumbent.