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Re: Do You Remember. . .

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I have that exact blender; been using it since 1981.  When I lived at home, all of our orange juice was made from frozen concentrate.  Mom also bought us Hawaiian Punch and Hi-C in cans.

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Remember every last one------I'm 72 end of this month.

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I still have one of those Tupperware pitchers, only mine is brown.  It works great.

I remember all of those things.  Some don't seem that old to me!🤷‍♀️

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Yup!  That's my blender and my Coleman, both of which I still use.  Memories! 

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so since i dont remember what the goblets were.....were they just special occasion or every day and were they a special brand?

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Oh, sweet mama, I remember it all!  Thanks for the trip down memory lane; that was certainly fun!!

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@vermint wrote:

What a trip down Memory Lane! At almost 69, I remember most of these things. I received a Revere Ware copper bottom saucepan as a wedding gift in 1975--that was the best thing ever for boiling water in a hurry!  



I bought our set in '75 when we married.  It's still in use.  Can't beat the copper bottoms!

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Like many of you, I remember all of them. The wax bottles of "juice" brought a smile to my face. I used to love them and bought them from the bakery truck that sold candy too.

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I remember most of them.  Brought back great memories. Thanks for sharing. 

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Re: Do You Remember. . .

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@Pezzie   Tonight I also used my Cornflower blue Corning Ware, to cook carrots. I still have my whole set from 1963 and my set of copper bottom Revere Ware pans. I use both sets all the time.


 In 1963, I had the same electric skillet, but that has been replaced. I still make popcorn in an air popper, like the one in the picture. The only things I never had were the Tupperware pitcher and the smokey glass goblets.


The ice cream push ups and Nik L Nips were some of my 1950's treats. We always got the Lifesaver Books, Hawaiian Punch , Neopolitan ice cream and frozen orange juice.


The pasta, tomatoes and ground beef in the pan, looks like what we call American Chop Suey, it also has chopped up onion. My mother made it and us kids loved it. I made it for my children and they loved it. I think that I will make some next week.