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It was so nice to see Dan Wheeler and Rick presenting the TSV at midnight. Dave King even called in, it was great.


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Great seeing Dan again! I think he looks great bald!

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I always enjoyed Dan as a host.  He has a pleasant personality.  

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I didn't see the NFL presentation with Dan, but I knew he was going to be on. I always liked him as a host. He always was professional, upbeat with some dry, affable humor.


I follow his Fearless Faith ministry on socials and Spotify podcasts. Happy for him that he married again and seems happy back in his home state. He certainly went through some tough times so it's nice he found love and contentment again.


Maybe I'll catch one of his shows today, though, (sorry Q, but...)

I have no need for NFL items.

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Side note, some of you might be interested in...I'm not even a huge sports fan, but I read Dan's first book, years ago, "Best Seat In The House" and it was interesting and enjoyable. Behind the scenes at QVC when he was host to all the sports shows, the famous sports guests he met and had on, and events he participated in. A fun read...might be hard to find out there now, I got it from some second-hand site.


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It was great to see Dan!  And it was nice to have a host for NFL merchandise who knows something about the teams.


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I've always liked Dan a lot. What a great pairing. It was nice to see him again on air. 

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 I am glad to hear that he has remarried. He went through it when his first wife was diagnosed and passed. I do not follow him, but I am surprised that he moved to Michigan even though it's his home state. He was so close to his daughters and grands. 

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I really like Dan.

We got Steelers and Chiefs gear, me and him. 😁
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I only liked him when he didn't do food shows .  When he did it was channel changing.   He's aged a lot ,  how long has it been since he was on qvc ?  Glad he re married and is happy living in his home state .