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As long as we have does and the really young bucks, we can be outside.  The big bucks only come in the evenings right now.

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/18/2020



Thank you for sharing your deer, who bring so much joy.


Looks as if Cricket is saying Hello!

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/18/2020

I love that Cricket is in the picture. The deer are looking at her like she's the intruder. Does she ever get ticks on her from the deer?

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/18/2020

Love these. 

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/18/2020



Be still my heart. darling Cricket protecting her turf.  Good job girl!


Thank you for posting all these beautiful beings, big and small.


Woofs and some extra kisses to Cricket.

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/18/2020

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Aw! Little Cricket herding her flock!Heart

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/18/2020

 @MamaWick  Your photos are wonderful! I really miss seeing my deer up close. 
  I'm in VA and the leaves have been really falling. My yard service blew them today and the new green grass is tempting to them.

  One doe was munching acorns or something on the edge of the woods. A Fawn was in the woods. Poor doe had an injured right hind leg, She lifted it up high. I was afraid it was broken but when the fawn ran toward the back grass the doe watched all around, kept eating them walked away with a limp. Maybe it's not broken. She didn't seem to be in pain, but would keep the leg up.

  My neighbors have installed a self made stick spiked 

 fence to keep them from their shrubbery, I told her at Halloween it looked like the Blair Witch lives there. She laughed. We don't speak much! 
  I certain hope your new neighbors are kinder! 

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