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For the most part, they stayed at the back of the yard.  But I will say, if Buckley moved toward them, they scrambled out of the way.  After today, pictures may be few and far between from outside the house.











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Aaaawwwww look at them, so peaceful, and the handsome buck is beyond stunning.  They are all magnificent, especially him.

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Awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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Re: DEER Monday 10/26/2020

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I certainly have enjoyed all the photos you have taken of Buckley and his herd, but I am relieved to know that you might soon do your snaps from the safety of the inside of your home.


We value you more than the photos.


The universe is in a tizzy lately, I think.  About a couple miles from me, a Wegman's grocery store and various other businesses took away huge swaths of forest about three years ago; this was followed last year by new condos/townhomes being erected on another huge chunk of forest located across from the Wegman's strip mall (and free-standing restaurants).


Well, I've had foxes before, but yesterday took the cake.  A fox killed and ate a squirrel about 10 feet from my front door -- right on my lawn!  I was appalled but he was doing what a hungry fox does (he looked thin).  


Later last night, my son saw the fox's silhouette on one of the two driveways that lead to the homes that sit behind mine.  This morning, I saw the fox's scat on a loose brick that sits under my bay window.  What a pushy guy (gal?) this fox is. 

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So cool 

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Your Sharing the photos you have taken of your beautiful friends has given me so much joy.  I look for them everyday and return to them frequently.  It is a pleasure to know someone who is willing to step up for the animals.


Thank You.

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We have a fox in our neighborhood.  Live and let live; I try to keep this in mind.  The critters were here before we were,  We took their territory.

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Re: DEER Monday 10/26/2020

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I totally agree with you.  I prefer them at a greater distance, though.


The reason I included the info about the new Wegman's, etc., was -- as is obvious -- to point out that the wildlife have had their land taken from them.  The animals and vegetation in those forests and fields that are now gone provided them their sustenance and protection.  They are now dependent on what they find in the neighborhoods that replaced their former homes.


It is sad.  My area has changed so much in the last four decades, plus.


Last year I had a fox family in my backyard (which, for some reason, gives me greater peace of mind).  The father protected his family as he sat in the sun.  His family was under my shed, which also annually houses a groundhog family.

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 @MamaWick   Oooh! Guarding posture in photo 5!  Those does are his! 
  When my large buck, Buckaroo was older and the herd of does eating he came to eat. The Alpha doe put her head low walked up to him and bowed down to him. Then she resumed eating.

  I enjoyed seeing them so much! 


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@MamaWick  Love your house and the deer pics.