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I am taking care of our back neighbor's dog and cat.  So when I walked over, Starbuck was at the corner and followed me to their front porch.  He was there when I left and followed me home.  A friend soon joined him in our back yard. 


@luvzchiz Rocky's asymetrical antlers are deformed.  That wasn't him yesterday.   We do have many bucks who have one antler shorter than the other.   Rocky's antlers were injured doing the velvet growth period.


Today will be it until Thanksgiving as we are headed to Mexico.















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MamaWick, you are a kind compassionate person who watches over other's pets and the deer who visit your haven with trust and without fear.  It is amazing how Starbuck followed you like Willow would, sensing your kindness. You offer the deer a place of safety and  provide food and drink for them,  it is so uplifting to visit this post.


We are thankful for our blessings at this time of year and I am sure all of the forest friends thank you for caring.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fun filled trip to Mexico.

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Thank you for the beautiful pictures.


Have a wonderful time on your trip; enjoy Mexico!

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That is such a cute story that Starbuck followed u all over the neighborhood. Deer are so smart. You can’t make this stuff up..😂
Have a nice anniversary trip to Mexico..
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Re: DEER Friday 11/17/2023

[ Edited ]

@MamaWick  Thanks for the clarification.  I didn't think it was really Rocky, but I wanted to check.  

Thanks for taking care of your neighbor's family.  We do the same.  You and PapaWick are my kind of people. 

You both are the Pied Pipers of your compound, but unlike the mythical PP you bring them to safety and nourishment.  ❤️

Starbuck is indeed a star and he knows it!  The pictures on your patio are spectacular.   🦌


Woofs and hugs to adorable Miss Willow White 🥰, looking  so comfortable in and on her blanket. 


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven 💕🌈


Safe travels and enjoy your trip with family.  We'll see you on the flip side. 

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That is so cute about Starbuck following you home. He wanted to be sure to be in the best place, next to you!

Hope you and everyone here has a good November, good Thanksgiving every day.

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So nice to see the gang at the Wick's!


Such a cute story about Starbuck!


Willow looking so comfy and huggable!


Have a wonderful safe trip!Smiley Happy

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@MamaWick  Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your trip to Mexico!