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What are these little rascals up to today?  So good to see the deer come back.  Willow, has the best idea yet to take a nap and later wake up refreshed.  That first picture shows a Buck that looks like he is up in years.

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Re: DEER Friday 08/26/2022

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Everyone is milling around, and the beautiful buck in the foreground seems to be imparting some words of wisdom.


Everyone is alert, looking intently as though they are anticipating something...


Dear Willow is under the blanket for a soothing rest. Dream happily dear one. 




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My nature visit today fills me with peace and a good feeling.  Seeing the Bucks, Does and Bambi gathering at their Haven of kindness lifts my spirits knowing they are safe and being cared for.  The photos are always worthy of filling a nature book, MamaWick captures much in her photos, some which welcome captions!  The visitors are not only drawn to carrots and water but also to the generosity of the Wicks, it is all good!


The Princess Willow White snuggled under her royal blanket, the sign reads Do Not Disturb!!!!!!  So cute.

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Mom checking on Fawn, Dad standing guard.  

What a great day at the Wick's!

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Love those puppy toes.


puppy toes.jpg

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@MamaWick @Another fun day, and we get to enjoy the beauty of nature thanks to MamaWick.  

That family picture of mom kissing her baby is priceless with dad in front protecting all.  🦌🦌🦌

Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White who seems to be channeling me with her pose today.  I, too, sleep with under the covers with just my nose and a foot out.  🥰


Miss Willow never disappoints in her adorableness.   


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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Aren't they beautiful... The bucks are so handsome... just love them..

Willow doesn't want to wake up.. 

Willow that is the way I sleep, the covers over my head!

Again, thank you for the wonderful pictures.

They sure cheer me up

Love and blessings.

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It's so very sweet to see the bucks protecting the ladies and the young, yet they don't understand that they are so young also!


The fIrst buck seems to say Mama Love, we're here for goodies!  He has probably known you since he was a fawn which is adorable!


I love the light they add to the world!  You are amazing!!!


Many thanks!Smiley Happy