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I hadn't realized the deer like bananas as well.  Spoiled little rascals.  I'm wondering what the 2 deer looking backwards caught their attention?  That last deer pic, he must be saying to you, "OOPS, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to knock over your planter."


Sweet Cricket:  I love seeing these peaceful, calm moments that you enjoy cuddling with you Mom & feeling her love for you.  So glad you're still eating & I wish you best of luck with your health.  You're so loved.  Heart

Thank you for sharing.

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I came back to look at the pictures again.  There is one photo close to the end with  6 deer all hanging out together but it looks they are waiting for the treats.  It just made me laugh.  They are grateful though for any extras.

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Sure hope Miss Cricket is ok, I know she's your sweet little girl 😘 

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Keep it up, Cricket!  Love you!

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And there are the beautiful bucks again!  Just love seeing them and glad they enjoy their treats.


Also so glad to hear precious Cricket is eating and doing better!  Makes my heart feel so good to hear this!  I hope she continues with her progress.  Lots of hugs to the baby girl!  HeartHeart

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Happy to know Cricket is eating.  Best to the brave girl.


Thought I saw 7 bucks together.  Hope they doin’t try to nibble on your palms, don’t think they are good to be injested.

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Re: DEER Friday 07/23/2021

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That tongue curl!  Cat Tongue

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@MamaWick   Thank you.  Great pictures of beautiful deer.  I'm sure the wind knocked over the plant, as those innocent faces would never do so.  A slight turn of the head and the deer express different emotions.  

Woofs, kisses, hugs, and gentle ear sckritches to sweet Cricket. 🥰 Still sending prayers and good thoughts for her continued though gradual improvement.   What does Cricket like to eat?  💕